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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Winter 2005
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Star Card


Card stock 9" X 5"
2 pieces fancy paper 8" X 4" and 4" X 4"
Silver Thread or single strand of floss
Sewing Needle
Glue stick
Invisible tape


Trace the star on the fancy paper and cut out. Your may use a different paper design for each diamond shape and the center circle or not trace the lines inside the star so it is all one paper design. Fold the card stock in half with the fold to the left. Lightly mark the red dots on the front of the card with your pencil.

Using the single strand of floss or thread make a single long stitch from the inner red dot to each outer dot in each of the group of lines between the star points. The thread should be taunt but not tight enough to pull or tear the cardstock. Use a small piece of tape to anchor the beginning and end of each set of stitches.

To cover the back of your stitching use the stick glue along the edges of the fancy paper and place it on the inside of the card. Write your message on the fancy paper on the inside of your card.

Glue the star on the front of the card covering the inner ends of the stitches and making sure the star points are between the groups of stitches.

Working pattern

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Winter 2005
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