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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Winter 2005
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Gingerbread Boy Table Decorations


Brown Fun Foam (3" X 4" for each Gingerbread Boy)
Red paint or permanent marker
Black paint or permanent marker
Hole punch
Red or Green curling ribbon


Trace the Gingerbread Boy onto the foam. Mark the details using the permanent marker or paint. Cut out the boys and punch a hole in each hand and foot.

Thread the ribbon from the front to the back of the left hand across the back of the boy and up to the front of the right hand. Repeat stringing a second ribbon through the feet.

You can make a garland of the gingerbread boys by adding them to the ribbon until you reach the desired length. This garland can be tied around a clay pot filled with cookie boys and used as a centerpiece and served as desert.

Single Gingerbread boys can be used as napkin rings by tying the ribbon in a bow behind the boy and inserting a rolled napkin through the ribbons.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Winter 2005
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