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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Winter 2005
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Cholula Angel

Not too long ago I visited International House Of Pancakes for breakfast. When it was served among the condiments was Cholula Hot Sauce in a slim bottle with a wooden knob top. When I looked at the bottle this is what I saw in my minds eye. My waitress provided me with an empty bottle for the sample.

If you can't locate the hot sauce you can make the angel using a small wooden knob glued to the top of any slim bottle. Adjust the measurements of the ribbon to fit your angel's height.


1 1/2 yards gold ribbon 2 3/4" wide cut in these lengths
Arms - one piece 11" long
Gown - 5 pieces 8" long
Gown - Apiece of light wire
Wings - 2 pieces of white ribbon with gold wired edges 1 1/2"
top wing 10" long bottom wing 8" long
Collar- 6" of gathered lace 1/2" wide.
Halo - 4" X 1/2" wide gold braid
Face - Brown and pink permanent marker
Fabric Glue


Roll the 11" piece of ribbon into a tube and tie a single knot in the center of the tube. Set aside for now.

Glue the edges of 8" pieces of ribbon together leaving a gap to insert the arms. Fold up a shallow hem and glue in place. Fold down a deeper hem at the top glue in place. Insert wire in the top hem and gather the ribbon tightly around the neck of the bottle just below the wooden knob. Insert the arm ends into the gap left in the ribbon gown, glue in place at the back centering the knot in the front.

Face: Leave blank or draw the features using the permanent markers.

Glue the lace around the neckline of the gown. Glue the gold braid around the head as the angel's halo.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - Winter 2005
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