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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - November/December 2001
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Gingerbread Kids Garland

Gingerbread Kids Garland

The picture/pattern shows a Gingerbread Boy and a Gingerbread Girl. You can use both as shown or by using only one of the characters make your garland of all boys or all girls.


You will need a long strip of craft paper
Crayons, markers or paint in red, white, blue and black


Instructions:Fold your paper the exact width of the Gingerbread Boy and Girl. The dotted line on the outside of the two figures should extend just beyond the fold. You want to accordion pleat (fold back and forth) your paper so it is just that size. Place the pattern over your folded paper and cut all around except DO NOT cut where the hands stick out. This is what makes a whole row of Gingerbread Boys and Girls.

After you have cut them out unfold the paper and decorate each Gingerbread person with paint, markers or crayons using the picture as your guide. Add glitter, beads, buttons, ribbons and trims of your choice if you like. If you need a longer garland than what you have paper for you can tape the Gingerbread Boys and Girls at the place where their hands would meet.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - November/December 2001
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