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CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - November/December 2001
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Gingerbread Doll

Drawing of finished doll

This doll can be used as a child's toy if all is embroidered, including the eyes or as a pillow/decoration if using wiggle eyes, beads and other small trims.


2 pieces of brown felt or fabric 9" X 12"
White rick rack
2 buttons or wiggle eyes
Red embroidery floss for the mouth
Option: Fabric for the clothing

Pattern for doll minus legs
doll leg pattern piece


The pattern is a template. Add a 1/4" seam allowance all around. Trace the pattern onto the fabric of choice. You will need to cut two head and body pieces and 4 leg pieces. Sew leaving open at the bottom of the torso and the top of the leg pieces. Clip, turn and stuff lightly. Place the top of the legs even with the bottom of the torso with the feet extending toward the head. Catching only the front of the doll and the tops of both legs, stitch across the bottom of the doll.

Bring the legs down folding in the seam allowance and hand stitch the bottom back of the doll covering the leg attachment seam and closing the bottom of the doll.

You can embroider the features, use buttons or wiggle eyes as you choose. The pattern of the vest can be made from rick rack or embroidered as you choose.

If you wish to dress the doll use the pattern for the snowman centerpiece vest and adjust to fit your doll. A simple dress can be made using the garland drawing as a guide.

CRAFTY VISIONS Newsletter - November/December 2001
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